Darla's relationship with Caden was hot and cold, hard and fast, sexy and heartbreaking. It wasn't until Caden that she understood passion could be just as terrible as it was beautiful. She didn't know until him that passion could make you burn, as well as burn you. Being with Caden was like being addicted to thrill-seeking adventures. You know there is a danger in it, and it makes your heart race and adrenaline pump into your body. Sometimes you nail it and the rush is breathtaking and amazing. Sometimes you miss, and there is fear and regret in your heart as you fall to the unforgiving ground.

After one particularly hard fall, Darla went home to Virginia for a long weekend. That was where she became reacquainted with her brother's old college friend Connor. That's when she learned that passion could be a slow, sweet burn.

And it could incinerate her and turn her to ashes.



"Sift is L.D. Davis’ best work to date.

...She hit her trajectory right in the bulls eye."

~Melanie, We Like It Big Book Blog

"You will have to read this, at times, gut wrenching story that Ms. Davis has given to us."

~SGRho Soror